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What does DU do?

The Digital Sheriff

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The Digital Debt Collector

Distribute and pay invoices from one platform to multiple channels - SMS, Du app, WhatsApp, email, telegram and even social media. No debt collectors required, no infrastructure, no payroll. Just do it digitally with The Digital Debt Collector. The Digital Debt collector is followed by the Digital Sheriff. No payment, no problem - issue a summons digitally with the Digital Sheriff - no debt collector required

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Du | Financial Inclusion

Du & Financial Inclusion
The first step to Financial Inclusion is to open a bank account. Billions of people do not have a formal street address. Du has a registered patent that makes your phone your physical and delivery address - the Mobile Domicile. This could double up to satisfy the KYC requirements of an address to open a bank account and/or obtain a mobile phone contract. By building an ID profile consumers contribute to building a credit report. Du enables companies to provide you with your own data to build that profile that enables you to improve your credit profile to access financial services and products.
Financial Management Education
With Du the consumer and the companies they deal with has full view of their data and this enables companies to constantly educate the consumer on how to improve their profile and credit score. With our Trust score (being build now) consumers will see how their profile grows and companies will

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Du | Data Privacy Compliance

Companies are spending huge amounts of money to comply with regulation like GDPR/CCPA/POPIA. here's a different view - just give the consumer all his data back. #giveitback. With Digital u it is possible and it ensures compliance in terms of:

  • Right2know = the consumer now has his/her data and he/she knows
  • Right2rectification = the consumer can verify and in-app request rectification
  • Portability of data = the data is immutable and can be ported across the platform from one company to the next - showing data source and destination
  • Consumer must give consent - apart from an in app consent function the consumer can now share his/her own data - no need for consent
  • No more emails - highest risk of phishing. Du does not use your email = problem solved
  • Right2Bforgotten = two clicks and the data is not visible for the company anymore
  • With Du you will have a single view of the customer across all departments in the organisation

Empower the consumer and comply

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